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Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Black shirt / yellow ink MEDIUM

Black shirt / yellow ink XL


Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Blue shirt / black ink SMALL

Blue shirt / black ink LARGE

Blue shirt / black ink XL


Spooky Action T-Shirt
$25 Shipped

Green shirt / white ink MEDIUM

Green shirt / white ink XL

Spooky Action LP
$20 shipped
download code included!

Black vinyl

Spooky Action CD
$13 shipped
download code included!

Machinery 7"
download code included!
Limited quantity available on RED VINYL.

Debut single from the album "Spooky Action" on  Joyful Noise Records.
Side A = Catchy album track
Side B = Wicked crazy live version of an unrecorded oldie called "Infidel" Featuring Bob D'Amico on drums and Kevin Mazzarelli on the bass.

$10 Machinery 7" BLACK VINYL (+$3 Shipping)

$10 Machinery 7" RED VINYL (+$3 Shipping)


Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue (domino)

Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue
(Remastered 2 CD set)

Sebadoh III Deluxe Reissue (Domino) $12+$4 Shipping