emmett pig.

This is Emmitt my Vietnamese potbellied pig. He was found on the side of the road in Louisville Kentucky by a friend of ours in 1998. She threw him in her car, drove home and called my wife Kelli to come and see him. A few minutes after Kelli got over there, I was implored to come over and see him for myself...

By the time I got there, Kelli, Tiffany, her daughter Emma, and a few other girls were on the floor in a circle having quite a good time with the cutest little black piglet you have ever laid eyes on. Immediately upon coming in the door an seeing the little guy for the first time, Kelli said "Can I have a pig?" I somehow, without thinking or without hesitation said "How can I deny you a pig?" It must have sounded pretty good to the other girls because my answer was followed by some heartfelt "aww"-ing.

That was to be an important moment, because from that day forward, I have been living with a pig, and Kelli says that when I answered her question that way I did, she knew she could marry me... or something like that. It was essentially the birth of my family... Kelli, Emmitt, and I.

He is a smart canankerous son of a bitch, and was really a crazy little thing when he was smaller and younger. We only intended to foster him until we could find a safe haven... We gave him to people twice, and twice he was returned to us by folks who had no idea what they were getting into... constant searching, rooting, running around, chewing, tearing, and SQUEALING!!! Boy, a small pig makes a BIG goddamn noise when it is upset, and Emmitt did NOT want to be picked up, or told anything to do. When he was upfor it, he could blow your damn ears out with the loudest, most piercing, high pitched squealing that you can imagine.

After he had come back to us twice we started to worry, as we already had two big dogs... What if we cant find him a home? A little panic set in... Kelli called a few more places, and the best solution that we could come up with would be to have him adopted out through a local pet store. He was still very small and cute and would likely stand a chance of being picked up quickly.

While in route to drop him off at the pet store, he crawled up on my lap while I was driving and laid down. I started crying. It was too much. I was his now. We turned the car around, went to another pet store and bought him a proper bed, food and his own bowls.

He has lived in Louisville KY, Marysville WA, Brooklyn NY.
He has been featured in a book / Village Voice Article

Pig F.A.Q.

What does he eat? Potbellied pig food (1 cup) and 1 apple a day

Where does he sleep? Everywhere.

How much does he weigh? 130lbs

How long do pigs live? 15-20 years

Are pigs smart? Pigs are somewhere in the echelon of primates and dolphins in the IQ dept... I would say very smart.

Is he affectionate? Yes, but does not need the constant affirmation that a dog does... He's not ALWAYS up for hanging out, but he'll let you know by coming over and nudging you, or try to come up and sit with you.

How much did he cost? He was a stray pig, so we didnt pay for him, but over the years we have laid out quite a bit of dough to replace torn sheets, blankets, books, furniture, vet bills, medicine, etc...

Is that legal? yes.


"Does he have a mouth?" Yes.