jake's other diversions:

I live with a potbellied pig named Emmett

the best site on the interweb

Lovelinetapes stream 1000's of episodes of loveline

great people that I know personally, who coincidently also have interesting stuff to look at or listen to online:

Jessica Schickel Master wordsmith / epic wit
Anne Peabody's Art
Azuza Inkh's Music and writing
Flecton Big Sky's Music and musings
Christian Nightmares' chronicling weird religious folk
Longmont Potion Castle the most talented phone prankster of all time

music specifically:

Corpse Of Discovery
Laura Ortman

great people that I do not know personally:

George Carlin
Bill Hicks
Gatewood Galbraith
Harry Crews
Richard Brautigan

Alan Watts
Amit Goswami