Exporting tracks from Cubase for use in another DAW

If you need to get stuff out of Cubase to use in another DAW you must export all the audio files
at the same starting point, which can be accomplished by taking these steps:



-adding "blank" items before the beginning of the start of the wavs and after the end of the longest one.

Use the pencil tool to draw them on the first track and then hold down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and drag the item down one track, repeating until you have the blank items before and after all the racks that you need to export. If you have virtual instruments (MIDI), the simplest way to export them is to render the midi to audio and then export them right along with the regular recorded audio files.




When you have all the blank items set up, select all of it and run AUDIO>BOUNCE SELECTION.
The first one will start processing, and at the end will ask you if you want to replace the items in the session or something like that select "NO"
Then just let it do its thing....

What it is doing is rendering new files to the project's audio folder that are as long as the space between the blank items (equal length)
So when it is all done, to go your projects audio folder and sort it by creation date, and all of the newly created files will be grouped together and easy to see because they should be the newest ones created, and they all will be the same size (double for stereo files).


Then you just copy or cut them out of the project folder and then you can easily stick them into another DAW.
As long as all the .wav files start at the same point in time, (usually 0:00) then everything will be perfectly lined up.