jake's reccomended recording software



=Recording Software=


Reaper ($40)

The best recording software known to man. Get it now.
Fully functional demo version available here:

A few good things about Reaper:

No dongle
Regular updates
Fast / Light
Great user forum
Hardest working programmers ever.


Digital Fish Phones

Cockos (ReaPlugs Suite) ($0)

This is a bundle of a few of the world class plugs that come with Reaper, usable in any VST capable host program

ReaComp: sidechain capable compressor
ReaGate: a very flexible gate
ReaFIR: EQ, dynamics processor, noise removal and analysis tool
ReaEQ: a fast, unlimited band, IIR EQ
ReaXcomp: an unlimited-band compressor
ReaDelay: an unlimited-tap delay

Get them here: http://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/

BlueNoise My Drumset ($0)

Simple, self contained multimic samples in a nice VSTi
with very adaptable mixer section (freeware)

S.I.R. ($0)

Convoloution File VST Plugin
Impulse response files

Bootsy's Plugins: ($0)

Density: Fantastic and colorful compressor

TesslaSE: Analogify your tracks

BootEQ: Great musical EQ

Rescue: Super Analogify and widen your stereo tracks.


Un-digify your tracks with these fantastic plugs!


Stillwell Audio ($25-$60)

The Rocket:

Event Horizon 2


These are the finest, best sounding plugins that will ever grace your ears for a fraction of the price of other big name plugs.

Fully functioning demo versions available at
Stillwell Audio.com

PSP (Vintage Warmer) ($150)

Top notch Analogifier. Aids in the fight against digital sounding tracks.

Amp Simulators (freeware)

Simulanalog Guitar Suite ($0)

Not much to look at, but probably the best freeware amp sims out there. They sound really good and are easy on the CPU. Twin Reverb, Marshall, and overdrive / distortion box simulations
FreeAmp 3 ($0)

.A little heavier on the CPU use, but sounds really good, especially the bass amps
Voxengo Boogex ($0)

Another great one... easy to tweak with drawable EQ bands, and you can roll your own cab simulations or use the many great sounding ones that are included.
Juicy 77 ($0)

Killer highgain amp simulator!!!
Really great, good cab impulses included.
One weird thing is that it doesnt show up in the host app as "Juicy77" it is listed as "High Gain Amplifier"
10GB of free storage!

remote backup (free)

iDrive ($0)
Free online backup of up to 5GB of data...requires app install.


=File Mangement=
xplorer2 (lite version $0)

Managing files and manually backing up files and directories to other folders is enough of a pain in the ass without using the miserable and embarassing "Windows Explorer". This sumbitch is a two paned file management swiss army knife. I wish that I had this from day one.
ReNamer ($0) ReName all or part of a file name en masse with this KILLER free app.
FreeFileSync ($0) Badass File / Directory Sync App with many options. I used to use Pathsync for this until it started to choke on large drive backup (2TB or more)

=System Monitor /
Troubleshooting tools=

Process Explorer ($0)
When using the computer as a recording device, you have to tell it: "please try and pay attention while I am talking to you, sir" This revved up version of the Windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del) really lets you see what your computer is doing in the background, and what might be taking its attention away from the task at hand.
DPC Latency Checker ($0)
Another great utility. It is basically a scrolling graph that monitors CPU/system spikes that might affect your computers ablility to record and playback glitch-free audio with a recording app.
CPU-Z ($0) Lightweight, in depth, hardware identification and preformance analysis app.

=Audio Tools=

cdex ($0)
Freeware CD ripping, mp3 ripper and format conversion utility.
foobar2000 ($0)
Super configurable and format friendly audio player... can also play internet radio streams
audioshell ($0)
Add on for Windows that allows robust editing of the tags and properties of audio files through the "File>Properties" dialog in Windows

=cd burning=

dp simple burner ($0)
Great freeware for burning data CD's ... doesnt make audio CD though.

=text editor =

editpad lite ($0)
A great alternative to the Windows Notepad app. Freeware.