jakerock drum samples: ludwig kit1

Trashy sound in basement office
24 bit 44.1 stereo samples.....
Also, Battery 3 format map (.kit file), 1 velocity layer


This is my first attempt at this...

The sample set is fairly simple... no velocity layers, and no way to mix the room mics / close mics in this version of the kit.

They are not normalized or processed, and are kinda quiet.

I believe that I have properly mapped the Battery cells to the GM Midi standard notes...

Have fun, and if there are any big probs, or you have any suggestions please let me know.

I give my full permission to use these in your works, commercial or not, redistribute, manipulate, whatever!!!
Would be cool to hear your tunes if you do something you like with it though, just for my own curiosity, but not manditory!
Send me an email with a link or something...


Jason Loewenstein

Demo MP3

Download Samples / Battery kit (17MB)

ReaDrum Track Template for Reaper
(open template, then drag the samples into each instance of readrums / save template)

This is how I did the recording:

Overhead: JM27's
Kick: D112
Snare: sm57
Room1:sm 58 (corner)
Room2: sm58 (other room)
Room3: sm58 (top of stairs)

All into Presonus firepod pre's / cubase